QA Automation Engineer

About GajiGesa

GajiGesa was founded in 2020 by Martyna Malinowska (formerly Product Lead at Standard Chartered Bank, Product Director at LenddoEFL) and Vidit Agrawal (formerly Head of Business Development APAC at Stripe, COO at CARRO, and first employee at Uber in Asia).

GajiGesa is the first company to bring the model of Early Wage Access to Indonesia. With many companies all over US and Europe offering flexible salary solutions, GajiGesa exists to help Indonesian employers and employees to increase productivity as well as retention.

GajiGesa is the preferred financial wellness partner for employers in Indonesia. GajiGesa’s powerful fintech platform is  built to help millions of hardworking Indonesians take control of their financial lives with dignity.

With GajiGesa, we aim to build a financial wellness platform that will help improve the lives of employees that fall in the lower salary bracket in Indonesia. GajiGesa wants to provide suitable solutions, like Early Wage Access, Financial Education, Basic Savings Solutions, and a platform where the employees can pay their recurring bills while also enjoying other special deals and discounts.

We are ensuring employees in Indonesia do not have to go through predatory experiences of loan sharks and are able to get access to their capital early.

About the Role

We are pushing the boundaries of what true financial wellness can be. Some ideas don’t work and we are ok with that. We can debate ideas as much as we want, but there is no substitute for building products and getting feedback from users.

We believe diversity of thought is critical. Surrounding yourself with smart peers from diverse backgrounds should drive you. We are a passionate group of technologists, creators and driven executors that challenge each other respectfully!

We are looking for seasoned QA Automation Engineer to join our team. More than anything, we are looking for engineers that are eager to learn, and build a meaningful company. We are a small team and encourage engineers to wear many hats. Working closely with our founders, senior leaders, product managers, and designers, you will have the unique opportunity to build products that will change how daily wage workers consume funds and shape the culture of our engineering organization. You may be a good fit if you:

  1. Hold yourself and the team to a high bar of engineering standards and champion best practices
  2. Care about the quality of code, testability, and extensibility
  3. Not only code, but understand the balance between speed, engineering, and business
  4. Are clear and concise in your communication about complex technical topics, products, and status 
  5. Are empathetic to a diverse group of users and peers

Job Descriptions

  • You will be our first mobile/web QA automation hire
  • You should have built or been willing to set up web/mobile automation from scratch
  • Experience in defining and operationalization of test automation strategy
  • Proven experience in creating and implementing test automation frameworks for
  • Large-scale systems in an agile development environment
  • Hands-on test automation experience, in a professional software development environment
  • Experience in several test automation frameworks, e.g., Selenium, Appium
  • Demonstrated experience developing high quality test strategies and test execution specific focus on cross browser/OS and cross device testing
  • Ability to create good acceptance and integration test automation scripts and integrate with Continuous integration and code coverage tools to ensure 80% or higher code coverage
  • Excellent organization, communication, and interpersonal skills
  • Strong analytical and problem solving skills with the ability to work in an unstructured, fast-paced environment


  • At GajiGesa, we are looking for engineers across seniority levels
  • Your seniority is not only defined by the number of years you have clocked in 
  • We value: culture fit, hunger, potential, diligence, complexity of problems you have solved before

The Joel Test (w/ GajiGesa! twist)

  • Do you use source control? Yes 
  • Have you automated the build & delivery? Yes 
  • Do you make daily builds? No Do you fix bugs before writing new code? Yes 
  • Do you use tools to track bugs and features? Yes 
  • Are you responsible for the entire SDLC? Yes 
  • Do new candidates write code during their interview? Yes
  • Do developers collaborate with stakeholders? Yes 
  • Do you use a defined development process to prioritize work and communicate status? Yes
  • Do you write and run automated tests? No – But we want to get there

If you experience problems when submitting your application through this platform, you can send your resume/CV directly to [email protected]. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. Thank you and good luck!

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