Earned Wage Access

Pay Cycle Revolution

Take full control of the money you’ve earned today, to build a more financially-secure future.

Your employees’ financial stress impacts your company's productivity. On average:

of employees deal with financial stress

of employees spend at least 3 hours a day worrying about their financial issues

of employees have taken an informal loan within past year

Full control of the money
you have earned today

Instant Access

Instant access to your earned wages whenever you need it.


Increase employees’ productivity at zero cost with GajiGesa.

Financial Features

Easily use our bill & payment features with your earned wages.

Why Do Companies Love

Increase Employee Retention

GajiGesa helps companies to reduce turnover rates and retain talent.

Reduce Employees’ Financial Stress

GajiGesa provides your employees with financial education modules to help reduce financial stress.

Easy Integration with Your System

Easy onboarding and data integration with your own system

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GajiGesa fronts the money to your employees. There is no impact for the employer.

Once an employer agrees to offer GajiGesa as an employee benefit, the service can go live within 48 hours. We provide training when required.