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GajiGesa Partners with Gaji.id to Power Innovation in Indonesia’s Payroll System

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Bali, June 27, 2022GajiGesa, the first and largest earned wage access (EWA) technology platform in Indonesia and leading employee management platform Gaji.id today announced an industry-first partnership to accelerate digital transformation, business sustainability, and financial resilience for more employees across Southeast Asia by expanding the reach of its powerful on-demand pay solution to more companies as part of a first-of-its-kind embedded finance solution. With over 500,000 medium to large companies in Indonesia, the potential of this partnership is tremendous as it addresses the fast-evolving credit needs of millions of hardworking employees.

Announced at the 12th Indonesian HR Summit 2022 held in Bali, this partnership will provide responsible financial access to thousands of new and existing partners of Gaji.id and support tens of thousands of employees to “get paid every day”. This collaboration enables workers to use GajiGesa to access their earned wages directly via the Gaji.id application. At the same time, HR can manage employee data directly in the same platform increasing operational efficiencies. 

GajiGesa’s powerful employee wellness platform helps expand financial resilience for workers and enables partner companies to effectively and easily manage their workforce and cash flow – empowering employers with the tools to provide holistic financial, health and education benefits to their employees on an all-in-one integrated platform. The core financial wellness solution is built around Earned Wage Access (EWA). This enables employees to withdraw their earned salary on-demand and ahead of the traditional month-end pay cycle and thus eradicating reliance on predatory lenders.

Comments on the Partnership

Our partnership with Gaji.id is the start of an exciting journey with a common goal of improving the lives of hardworking blue-collar workers,” said VP Partnership of GajiGesa, Fedri Setiawan. “As a leading technology and employee wellness platform, we have integrated GajiGesa’s industry-leading on-demand pay solution to make the entire process from activation, execution and reconciliation seamless via Gaji.id for thousands of new and existing companies.”

Happy Moeljo, CEO of Gaji.id said, “We are thrilled to join forces with GajiGesa who are pioneering how workers everywhere access and use their earned wages responsibly. We aspire to continue providing the best innovations while meeting the needs of our partners in shortening processing time for employee data administration. We believe this integration will effectively address the needs of employees in accessing fast funds without any added fees.”

Vidit Agrawal, Founder & CEO, GajiGesa, said, “We are excited to partner with companies like Gaji.id with whom we share a common mission to empower millions of hardworking Indonesians with the tools they need to improve their financial health. Now every employer that uses Gaji.id as their HRIS can also provide GajiGesa benefits to all their employees with a click of a button. This exciting partnership creates one of the most powerful employee benefits solutions in the market”

Next Steps in the Partnership

Since it was founded in mid-2020, GajiGesa’s EWA solution has proven to be an invaluable empowerment tool for employers and their employees across sectors including factories, plantations, manufacturing, retail, restaurants, hospitals, and tech companies. The company has grown 500% in the last 6 months with more medium to large enterprises keen to embrace this holistic approach to employee wellness. More than 250 companies now partner with GajiGesa, serving hundreds of thousands of employees in Indonesia. 

For GajiGesa, this partnership is the first of many as it aims to serve over 1,000 new companies this year. The company is seeing growing interest from midsize to large enterprise companies who wish to integrate and offer their solutions to employees as part of new employee benefits programs.

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GajiGesa is the preferred financial wellness partner for employers in Indonesia. GajiGesa’s powerful fintech platform is built to help millions of hardworking Indonesians take control of their financial lives with dignity. The GajiGesa app provides member employees with Earned Wage Access (EWA), financial education, and other financial management tools to improve their long-term financial health responsibly.

About Gaji.id

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Gaji.id is an online-based HR & Payroll application that can make it easier for companies to optimize HR administration and process employees’ monthly salaries, including variations in allowances and salary deductions to employees, as well as calculating taxes and premiums to BPJS. It’s time to entrust your company’s payroll to our experienced team.

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