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Quick Guide to Earned Wage Access

This is a guide to Earned Wage Access discussed by employers & HR. This benefit is an option to increase employee productivity.
Earned Wage Access Guide English

According to a survey Glassdoor, it was found that 87% of employees want to be helped and supported with their personal commitments. If an employee is struggling financially, a simple way the employer can help is to manage their cash flow better. You can do this through flexible pay.

Employers are often confused by this employee benefit called flexible salary or earned wage access. Many questions are often asked about the providers or the need to provide the benefit. Frequently asked questions are about what earned wage access is, how flexible salary works, and who entitles to this benefit. This is the quick guide to earned wage access you’re looking for to answer those questions.

In this ebook, you can find the guide to earned wage access to answer questions, including:

  • A quick guide to on-demand pay
  • How to calculate flexible salary access
  • Why early salary access benefits employers and employees
  • How early wage works