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Earned Wage Access (EWA)

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Flexible salary access platform for the welfare of your employees

Our earned wage access platform is trusted
300+ companies from various industry sectors

Benefits for employers that provide
GajiGesa’s earned wage access:

Employers can attract the best candidates

Providing EWA as a benefit can help companies find qualified candidates

Boost employers’ sell value

Employers’ sell value will increase since earned wage access help grow employees’ welfare

Help increase employee loyalty

EWA is an effective tool that can increase employee loyalty

Employee retention rate increases

Providing earned wage access as a benefit will help employers to retain their best employees

Improve employee productivity

EWA can relieve employees’ financial stress and improve their productivity

Why is earned wage access important and beneficial for companies?


of HR specialist confirms that providing EWA could decrease employee turnover rate


of employees prefers to stay with an employer that provides earned wage access


of employees feel more productive after being provided with EWA

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Earned Wage Access

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FAQ on
Earned Wage Access 

Earned wage access is a benefit that allows employees to access their salary earlier before the company pay date. They then will have full control over their salary that has been generated. This platform can reduce employees’ financial problems and improve their financial health.

Employers must first sign up and work with GajiGesa, and only registered employees can access the earned wage access platform.

Afterwards, at the end of the month, GajiGesa will send a record of the total withdrawal of the employees’ flexible salary to the employers. Employers will then complete the payment for the withdrawal of their employees’ salary.

Once an employer agrees to offer GajiGesa as a benefit, employees then can use the services within 24 hours. We will also provide necessary training so that employees can use GajiGesa easier and more optimally.

  1. GajiGesa’s EWA could increase an employer’s sell value. Therefore, their recruitment process will be easier since many candidates are excited to apply.
  2. After being provided with GajiGesa’s earned wage access, employees’ financial stress will decrease and their work productivity will improve.
  3. Providing GajiGesa’s EWA  will make employees feel cared for. As a result, their loyalty and quality of work will increase.
  4. If employee loyalty increases, employers will find it easier to retain their best employees.

Online loan is an application where users can apply for online credit.

On the other hand, earned wage access is a platform that allows employees to access their wages flexibly.

The main difference is that online loans are credits given to users and they must pay it back. Meanwhile, EWA is the salary generated by employees, so it is not a loan.

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