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Best Financial Benefit for Your Employee

GajiGesa is a financial health platform that can help overcome employee financial stress as the first Earned Wage Access provider in Indonesia

Why do companies need to deal with
employee financial stress ?
Indonesian workers are unable to provide reserve funds for a week
0 %
employees have unforeseen expenses that cannot be paid for with their monthly salary
0 %
employees feel that financial benefits are the most appropriate benefits
0 %
employers believe that employee morale decreases if they cannot access funds during an emergency
0 %

Earned Wage Access (EWA)

Flexible salary access service that is always available for your employees

Why Earned Wage Access (EWA)?

Employees are more productive

Free from financial stress, employees are more motivated to work

Positive working environment

Employees become more open to their clients and co-workers

Employee loyalty increases

Employees value appreciative companies more

Safe and free of charge

Qualified data protection in a service that is free of registration fees

Clear of hidden fees

Employee’s salary is only deducted if the transaction is successful

Instant paycheck, everytime

Everywhere and anywhere, employee’s salary will be transferred to their account in a glance

Free from debts

Employees can withdraw prorated salaries without the need to wait for paydate

Share away with family members

EWA fund is always ready to be sent to family member’s bank account and phone number

We also offer other products for you!

Bill Payment

Pay every bill with only one click

GajiGesa Poin

Reward system to appreciate the hard work of employees

Employee Wellness

Health and micro insurance programs for company employees


Premium bundling program to raise employees’ productivity

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