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GajiGesa is exclusively for employees from companies that are registered on our platform.

You can view the numbers of hours you’ve worked for the month, and your earned wages in our app. These wages can be withdrawn to your bank account or used to pay bils using our various bill payment features.

You can access a portion of your earned wages with GajiGesa, depending on your employer’s policy.

No. As GajiGesa is not a lending platform there is no impact on your credit score.

You will receive your requested amount within 24 hours of sending a withdrawal request.

Funds accessed using GajiGesa will show as deductions on your next paycheck.


GajiGesa uses time and attendance data to provide earned wage access to employees. It works with existing system and there’s no cost to the business in offering

Only your employees’ name, ID, and clock-in / clock-out information is needed.

Once an employer agrees to offer GajiGesa as an employee benefit, the service can go live within 48 hours. We provide training where required.