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Be the place where
hardworking Indonesians
want to work

Help your employees to have a better life with our financial wellness platform.
Improve employee well-being and productivity by providing the most relevant financial benefits.

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Better retention for your company
at zero cost!

Financial wellness platform
for employees

Employees can access their earned wages and transfer it to their bank account and conduct financial transactions from our app such as buying packaged data, topping-up their e-wallet, or purchasing additional insurance from the money they have earned.

GajiGesa fronts your employees the cash so that you can save your company’s working capital. As GajiGesa is not a loan, there is no credit scoring impact for employees when they withdraw through our platform.

Earned wage access, whenever they need it.

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Earned Wage Access

Employees can access a portion of money they’ve already earned whenever they need it.

Employee Benefits

Choose the benefit that works for your employees. Easily accessible within one app.

Financial Education

Improve your employees’ financial position and enable them to take full control over the money they have earned.

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Trusted by 200+ companies like you,
used by 300,000+ hardworking employees like yours

Whatever you need,
GajiGesa is here to help.

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GajiGesa is a responsible and safe earned wage access provider for hardworking Indonesians.

We were founded to help employees actively participate in the economy they helped create and to reach their short-term and long-term financial goals.

Do you have questions regarding our platform?
We have answers!

Once an employer agrees to offer GajiGesa as an employee benefit, the service can go live within 48 hours. We provide training when required.

Only your employees’ name, ID, and clock-in / clock-out information is needed.

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